What is so trendy about LinkedIn ads?

What is so trendy about LinkedIn ads?

If you haven’t already checked out the power of LinkedIn ads, you’ve been missing out. LinkedIn is a B2B lead generation machine.

But what are their advantages over regular search engine / Facebook type ads?

On LinkedIn you can target your ideal customers by job title, location, industry and more rather than just throwing out a generic ad to the masses that will probably get lost in their newsfeed. According to LinkedIn , you only need an audience of 1,000 or higher for your ads to be effective.

When compared to intent-based advertising opportunities such as Paid Search, LinkedIn offers a higher funnel form of advertising.

LinkedIn’s ads deliver a high-quality audience because they’re linked to information about your company, industry, and services or products. The biggest advantage is that LinkedIn lets you segment your audience by job title, seniority level, company and more. If you are still unsure wether LinkedIn ads is a good option for your business, schedule A CALL with us to discuss further.

With the power of LinkedIn ads, you can choose to advertise to everyone on the platform or go as specific as the chocolatier down the street.

After you’ve established your relevant audience, you can track the results to determine how users respond to your messages. By tracking this metric, we can optimise your ads and make sure they are as profitable as possible.

LinkedIn ads have proven to be more prominent and stand out to the user. This is because LinkedIn users are interested in what companies have to offer. Another reason LinkedIn ads are successful, is their format. You can post text, images, video and even link directly to your website.

Why use LinkedIn Ads?

💰Maximise ROI

Target users that matter the most to your business

📝Detailed Analysis

Organic advocacy that builds and shapes reputations

📐Bespoke Strategies

Engaging content and thought leadership that fuels engagement, growth & interest

Is LinkedIn the right platform for you?

Are you targeting business professionals or consumers? Do you have a product or service that lends itself to visual explanation? Is your target audience on LinkedIn? If not, how can you get them there? If so, how often do they visit LinkedIn and what other social platforms are they using. Once you’ve answered these questions you can better asses if LinkedIn is a viable platform for your business. Schedule a FREE CALL with us to discuss your options.

In 2014 alone LinkedIn ads accounted for $800 million in spending.