Websites vs Landing Pages: What’s the Difference?

Websites vs Landing Pages: What’s the Difference?

This question may come as somewhat confusing to those starting off their new business. From your understanding you might claim, aren’t they the same thing? Don’t they have the same purpose and functionalities? A Website has many pages where as a Landing page is just one, right?

Well actually that’s where their resemblance end. A Website’s primary focus is to introduce your business, history, social proof and mission where a Landing page is focused on promoting a single service or product you offer. Also let’s not mistake Landing pages for Microsites. These are an idyllic blend between the two; Websites and Landing pages.

When we come across a typical website, we are usually presented with 5 pages or more. Presented in these pages will be essencial information customers need to learn about your business. Websites also tend to contain an array of modules and functions, API integrations and plugins. Through its navigation all pages can be accessed. However as complete as this option may seem, it’s also the most expensive and the most time-consuming to produce. Websites can take 2 months or more to fully develop and carry a hefty price tag of up to $10k (or more in some cases).

Landing pages on the other hand are simple, intuitive, quick to make and straight to the point. They usually consist of a single page and an attached Thank You page. They hold information about a specific item or offer and tend not to show a navigation menu, although in some cases that is beneficial to include.

They are great for Black Friday and Christmas offers for example. More often than not, business with websites utilise Landing pages to separate specific seasonal offers from their main site. In contrast to Websites, Landing pages are way more affordable usually costing less than $500 and taking much less time to complete, sometimes even within a single day.

Are you ready to launch an offer but don’t know where to get started?

Now I know you are here to learn about Websites vs Landing pages, but let’s do a quick summary on what a Microsite is. If you are having a hard time deciding, or just need something bigger than a lead funnel yet smaller than a multi-page Website, a Microsite is your best bet. A Microsite summarises a business, product or service on a single page, however it’s much longer than a typical Landing page. Its internal links take a visitor to different sections across the page, such as About Us, Our Mission, Contact Us, etc. A Microsite is ideal for apps, products and services about to launch, freelancers, books or large-scale promotional campaigns. An additional benefit is that this option makes it much easier to transition into a fully fledged Website in the future. Microsites are cheaper than Websites with a typical price range of $600 - also being produced on a shorter timeframe of about a week. If you are looking to get your business a speedy online presence, this option is perfect for you.

We would love to hear your comments or questions on this. If you’d like to get your Website, Landing page or Microsite underway, get in touch with our Associate Agency, Helping Hand Outsourcing to get a quote today.