Never underestimate the influence of YouTube ads

Never underestimate the influence of YouTube ads

Think about one of the easiest ways to reach new customers, convert online leads and showcase your brand. Performance driven YouTube ads are the solution.

YouTube ads are a huge market within the advertising industry. With so many videos being uploaded per day, it's amazing how far reaching it is. They’ve reported that almost 20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! That is an incredible figure - and more than enough to create new businesses through advertising revenue alone.

Therefore YouTube can seem like a labyrinth, but there’s no need to panic entrepreneur; we see you and know how you feel. So here are some facts about YouTube that could help you understand not only what kind of advertising for your business is best, but also which type of ads work for you.

On average two thirds of YouTube's audience feel compelled to watch an ad if it appears on their screen whilst they are waiting for their video to start. This is crucial - what better time to advertise than right before your potential clients are about to view the content that you need them to see?

If you are looking to generate leads and grow your business, start today by advertising on YouTube.

Even if a video does not have an ad in front of it, YouTube will still show related videos above or below it. So there is still great chance of advertising on YouTube. At CBME Marketing we help brands take advantage of new opportunities and optimise income streams. To discuss your needs schedule A CALL with us. You can directly collaborate with our team to grow online and scale your business.

High-quality videos have the highest chance of being shared across a variety of social media platforms. These links will bring you more traffic and eventually lead to more customers.

Similar to Google search ads, YouTube ads run on an auction-based system. YouTube will give you a topic and you choose keywords. Your video will be displayed along with other videos that have similar information. The highest bidder for each auction gets their ad shown before the highest-ranking video on YouTube search results.

We are a team of qualified PPC experts and creators as to ensure that your content generates impressions and boosts revenue. We link brands with users through our YouTube Ad division and align them with relevant creators.

By correctly positioning your ads on the platform we build trust with viewers and produce actionable results. We also use YouTube to promote highly focused audience targeting based on objectives of your business. This is primarily done through:

💞 Affinity groups

✍️ Competitor analysis

🎯 Keyword targeting

🔁 Retargeting

📈 Channel analysis

We take care of every stage of your campaign, from planning, implementing and managing your strategy to optimising the ads and providing insights for your team. We’ve got it covered.

Audience Targeting

YouTube provides various targeting options that allow you to place your ads in front of leads who are most likely to convert. In addition, you can also make use of call-to-action overlays and buttons in order to guide visitors through your site or app. We bring our knowledge and experience in SEO, content marketing and competitive analysis to maximise your marketing efforts. Based on a range of variables we will use what we learn about your brand identity and customer base to tailor your ads to you desired audience.

By targeting your ads to the right audiences we ensure you get impressions that matter and leads that convert.

Tried and tested

TrueView ads are video clips or snippets that come up at the start of a video that can be skipped. They usually appear after 3-5 seconds. These ads are chargeable on a cost-per-view basis, which means you only pay if a person views your branded content for more than 20-30 seconds. This is great for controlling your ads budget.

These ads work best for product-focused marketing or brand recognition. By using emotional storytelling they help bring attention to your brand or product. Clicking through to a landing page or channel is free of charge, so we ensure that your call-to-action is simple and engaging.

Our aim is to work within your budget and produce maximum results aligned with your KPIs (Key performance indicators). From increasing your social media presence to lead conversion, we’ve got your back.

TrueView In Stream Ads will run mid-way through a video rather than at the beginning. With this format your brand can showcase longer ads of up to 3 minutes. They work to attract and stimulate an audience and are very effective. For those who find it disruptive, viewers can skip it after 5 seconds so it’s vital that your brand makes a significant impact right away.

Bumper Ads offer 6 seconds to capture your viewer. They focus on urgency, reminding and re-insuring the user. Short ads such as these are best used on different platforms to promote measurable growth for the bottom line of your business. We offer market guidance on best practices and actionable insights on ALL ad forms on YouTube. Our job is to cover tracking and to report meaningful metrics. Get a free proposal for your YouTube ad today.