Is your business ready to master Facebook ads?

Is your business ready to master Facebook ads?

On average up to 80% of potential conversions from Facebook are lost due to a poor ad strategy

It’s vital to do better.

It’s no secret that Facebook is the world’s biggest social media ad platform, practically everyone is on it! But many businesses don’t take the correct steps to ensure their ads perform as well as they could. This is no obstacle for us at CodeBeMe.

To beat the competition and succeed advertisers need to learn how to drive customer interaction and successfully use audience targeting to get the best out of their ad budget. We know how to work Facebook with suitable ads leading to exceptional outcomes for your business.

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Why Facebook?

When it comes to finding your potential customers, Facebook has it covered. They get you the right people at the right time. Facebook ads tend to reach prospective customers higher in the sales funnel than intent-based ad networks like Google Ads, nonetheless Facebook ads are far more robust and efficient than other high-funnel marketing outlets when targeted correctly.

👁 Brand Awareness

Engage your audience with user-friendly content through images and videos.

📢 Audience Targeting

Take full advantage of over 2 billion active accounts that have the potential to see your ads.

🎁 Ecommerce

With Facebook Pixel we can help you increase sales of your products or services by tracking and understanding the actions people take on your website.

Targeting the right audience

On Facebook there are several ways to tune your advertising. Targeting customers using demographics such as age, gender or interests will generate good outcomes. Still, to truly get the most out of your campaigns, it’s best to create custom audiences based on which types of users yield the most value for your company.

It’s important to know that it does take continual work to build a personalised audience and in turn optimise targeting; however, when your perfect customer has been profiled, you’re on your way to better results.

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